The Plantana Polo Farm exists for none other than to brighten your day.  The horses bred on this farm for the sport of polo are super fantabulous.  They are the cream of the crop and built to make any sportsman a champion.

Look hi and look low all over the hills of Plantana Polo Farm for the breed of your choice, whether it be a painted pony, a chestnut, a bay, or a gray.  You never know what horse breed you may find on the farm.  These skilled polo horses are trained to stop on a dime and pivot to make the perfect shot.  Allowances, though, must be made for the aged horse, for who in their right mind would expect an old mare to play like a young filly.

The extensive grounds all over Plantana Polo Farm allow plenty of grazing space for all the mustangs and mares residing at the stables on our farm.  Polo players who board their animals experience the finest hospitality from the staff and caretakers at Plantana Polo Farm, and the care their frollicking friends receive is second to none.  The boarded horses graze the grounds during the warm months of the year.  During the colder months, they receive all-natural feed and grain grown in our own fields on the premises, which are free of add-ins and preservatives to keep the horses at their peak performance health

Several of the older horses are available for horseback riding lessons throughout the week, leaving weekends open for their rest and relaxation.  If you have a child that would love to learn horseback riding skills, or even if you yourself would like to learn, be sure to call our extra friendly staff and schedule an appointment to discover which horse personality will be the best fit for you.

Pertaining to the two-legged creatures which roam our facility and grounds (aka – the owners, caretakers, and visitors to the farm), the clubhouse offers outstanding service in the way of dining, relaxation, and fun.  The on-site dining facility features cuisine from all over the nation, including things such as lobster, chicken on a stick, turnip greens, and cornbread.   You will find no shortage of choices from our menu, and no less than five-star quality, either!

Feel free to rent sections of our facility for special events like weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and family reunions.  The clubhouse common area and guest rooms are a perfect fit for any gathering!  Laugh the day away at our fun and games section of the grounds playing horseshoes or badminton, shuffleboard or croquet.  Sit and watch a glorious sunset lounging on one of the chairs or benches surrounding the lake.  Take a dip in the lake or take a canoe out for a day on the water.  The fun is limitless at Plantana Polo Farm!

Whether your visit to our farm is to play polo, board your beautiful horse, enjoy a day in the sun, tie the knot, or celebrate twenty-five years of hard work at your job, Plantana Polo Farm has the facilities and know how to make your day epic!